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Getting hot and bothered over boiling wort? 11

We have three articles about wort boiling this month. John Hancock at Briggs considers the background biochemistry and technology, Michael Dillenburger describes his novel refluxing arrangement where wort is bypassed through the vapour in the copper stack and Steve Curtis visits Wye Valley to look at its new brewhouse and the novel thermal fluid boiling by Microdat.

A brewer's biochemistry 17
The final part of Charlie Bamforth's series for examination candidates who have not studied biochemistry.

Right at the water's edge 20
Sean Symons tells us about his brewery on the seashore in Vietnam. He invites all delegates to call in during the forthcoming Ho Chi Minh City convention even though it is 400km away.

Purity opens a new German brewhouse 24
The next Chairman of the Midland Section Flo Vialan has a brand new BrauKon brewhouse to play with at his Purity Brewery in Worcestershire.

Black and liquid gold at Invergordon 28
We introduce our new Caledonian correspondent Billy Mitchell and we packed him off to report on Whyte and Mackay's grain distillery at Invergordon.

Whisky in twenty languages 34
Our retiring Scottish correspondent Frank Robson pops down the road for his swansong; a look at the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh. We would all like to thank Frank for the 55 incisive and entertaining pieces he has contributed over the last few years

Shochu from Japan 39
Continuing our look at the world's spirits, this month it is the turn of Japan's shochu where this traditional spirit is undergoing a consumer renaissance.

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Spot the Brewery 41
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