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Beer Academy

A wholly owned subsidiary of the IBD, the Beer Academy was established in October 2003 as an independent Educational Trust, becoming an operating arm of the IBD in 2007. More than 10,000 delegates (employees in breweries, pubs, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and off-licences as well as interested consumers) have completed a Beer Academy course since launching. Logo

The main courses for employees in the brewing/licensed trade industry are:

Foundation a one day introduction course to beer, including beer styles, brewing process and history and some beer and food matching

Advanced a one day course designed to enhance delegates’ understanding of beer, distinguish between beer styles and equip them to construct beer lists and beer and food menus

How to Judge Beer a one day course designed to help delegates identify beer styles, spot key flavour faults and judge beers against the appropriate style criteria.

Beer Sommelier accreditation awarded to individuals with a significant depth of knowledge of beer styles and beer and food matching. Beer Sommelier candidates must have completed Foundation, Advanced and How to Judge Beer courses, and are assessed via written application followed by interview at the Beer Academy.

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Contact details:
T: +44 (0)20 7290 6087