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Amalgamation of the IOB and IBG forming the IBD

Over a period of more than twenty years, the Institute of Brewing (IOB), and what became the International Brewers Guild (IBG), were in discussion over the possibility of merger between the two members organisations. The previous sticking point to success hinged around perceptions that the two had been founded with separate but distinct aims, and the fact that the Institute was registered as an educational charity, whilst the Guild was free of any responsibility to the UK Charity Commission. However, dramatic changes in the British Brewing Industry over the past decade, or so, literally forced a re-appraisal. Individual UK Members wanted an amalgamation, and UK Brewing Companies were questioning why they should continue to support two seemingly similar bodies through the payment of subscriptions on behalf of their employees. A formula had to be found which would find favour with the majority of Institute and Guild Members. In the event, the Royal Society of Chemistry provided the model upon which amalgamation was founded. That learned body had been through a lengthy merger of its own component groups several years ago, and gave rise to the suggestion that Guild assets be placed within a new charitable trust, governed by its own trustees. Income from the new Guild Trust, under a Letter of Intent, would flow to a combined members organisation, provided no previous call was made by the Guild Benevolent Society. And so it was, on 1 January 2001, and after a vote of both memberships during 2000, that the IGB was formed. The IGB was superseded in January 2005 by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD), in order to reflect the increasing importance of the distilling industry to the activities of the Institute. IOB and IBG Sections re-organised themselves initially into five UK and three overseas Sections, namely: Scottish, Irish, Great Northern, Midland, Southern, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and International. Central administration of the IBD -- the International Support Office - is at 44A Curlew Street, London W1J 7EE. The IBD Council, its governing body, comprises some 20 persons, which includes a representative from each IBD Section. Council members are also trustees of the registered charity. As with the IOB, education & training remain core business for the IBD. The Foundation Certificate, launched in 1999 as a qualification at a level pre-AME, has proved very popular. Furthermore, it has been recognised by City & Guilds, and mapped on the UK National Qualification Framework at NVQ 2 level; as a result, it has been re-named the General Certificate in Brewing & Packaging. Following the success of the General Certificate in Brewing and Packaging, the General Certificate in Distilling was developed and launched in 2006. In addition, the IBD is investigating a qualification at 'advanced level', somewhere between the Associate and Foundation grades. Training courses and distance learning packages are in place to support all IBD qualifications. Publications are key to communicating information to members. The monthly Brewer & Distiller International is a full colour magazine, produced in-house, which goes to all members as part of their IBD Subscription; non-members can also subscribe to the publication. The Journal of The Institute of Brewing is a highly scientific publication and is published quarterly. It is available to IBD members online or in printed form and it too can be purchased by non-members.
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