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  • Council is responsible for representing the interests of all IBD members.
  • For functional purposes, the Officers of the IBD are the titled Honorary and Executive. Honorary Officers are: the President, Deputy President, Immediate Past President and the Treasurer. The Chief Executive Officer is the Secretary.
  • The Chief Executive Officer attends Council, but is not a member of it. Whilst the Secretary performs the function for Council which the title suggests, his duties are primarily to manage and conduct the business of the IBD as Chief Executive Officer, under the direction of Council and the Board of Trustees.



Katherine Smart (President and Chair)
Jerry Avis (Chief Executive Officer and Secretary)
Timothy Cooper (Deputy President)
Charlie Bamforth (Immediate Past President)
Nigel Fitch (Treasurer)
Ken Fairbrother (Secretary)
Africa Section Representative
Asia Pacific Section Representative
Incorporated Brewers Benevolent Society Representative
International Section Representative
Irish Section Representative
UK Great Northern Section Representative
UK Midland Section Representative
UK Scottish Section Representative
UK Southern Section Representative