30th November 2015
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The Beer Academy Accredited Sommelier Scheme

This scheme offers recognition of a significant depth of knowledge of beer styles and beer and food matching for successful candidates. You will become an ambassador with the knowledge, communication skills and, most importantly, the passion to inspire people to discover, respect and enjoy our national beverage.
Please feel free to read the 'preparing for Beer Sommelier Assessments.To view our list of Beer Academy Sommeliers please click here

To join this illustrious list please download the requirements pdf found at the bottom of this page.

19 Nov 1510:30-11:45Booked 
19 Nov 1512:00-13:15Booked 
19 Nov 1514:00-15:15Booked 
19 Nov 1515:30-16:45Booked 
10 Dec 1510:30-11:45Booked 
10 Dec 1512:00-13:15Booked 
10 Dec 1514:00-15:15Booked 
10 Dec 1515:30-16:45Booked 
14 Jan 1610:30-11:45Booked 
14 Jan 1612:00-13:15Available£150+VAT
14 Jan 1614:00-15:15Available£150+VAT
14 Jan 1615:30-16:45Available£150+VAT
24 Feb 1610:30-11:45Available£150+VAT
24 Feb 1612:00-13:15Available£150+VAT
24 Feb 1614:00-15:15Available£150+VAT
24 Feb 1615:30-16:45Available£150+VAT
24 Mar 1610:30-11:45Available£150+VAT
24 Mar 1612:00-13:15Available£150+VAT
24 Mar 1614:00-15:15Available£150+VAT
24 Mar 1615:30-16:45Available£150+VAT

The Beer Academy Accredited Sommelier Scheme Requirements

Qualification Scheme:
- Prospective candidates that wish to become Beer Academy Registered & Accredited Sommeliers must;
Complete an application form and confirm that:
1. They have attended and passed the Beer Academy Foundation Course
2. They have attended and passed the Beer Academy Advanced Course
3. They have attended and passed the Beer Academy How to Judge Beer Course
- With the application form the applicant must provide a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) of their practical competence.
- Use of beer menus or other similar schemes at retail level.
- Use of beer and food pairings.
- The use of beer range in retailing.
- Evidence of high beer retailing and image standards through POS, branded glassware, cellar hygiene standards and other relevant evidence.
Beer Sommelier Assessment:
- Applicant submits POE and evidence of qualifications (form can be found below).
- Applicant pays an application fee of £150 (GBP) +VAT.
- Applicant is invited to attend an interview (viva voce) at The Beer Academy and is assessed via an evidence based process against written parameters.
- The assessment will test all parts of the Beer Academy Courses and may include practical tests including identification of randomly selected beer styles.
- Successful candidates will be provided with a Certificate and a soft copy of the Beer Academy Beer Sommelier badge/logo.
- Successful candidates will be entered into the register of Beer Accredited Beer Sommeliers

Beer Sommelier Assessment
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Preparing for Beer Sommelier Assessment.docx An example of a successful Beer Academy Sommelier Portfolio of Evidence.pdf Application Form.doc
Left to Right: Honourary Sommeliers Bill Taylor & Garrett Oliver Left to Right: Honourary Sommeliers Bill Taylor & Garrett Oliver

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