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1. The site is divided into sections listed in a bar along the top. 2. Clicking onto a heading will bring up a box listing the sub sections under each of these headings. 3. Generally all text in dark blue or bold can be clicked onto to navigate the site. 4. All main items are listed down the left hand side and may be scrolled down. 5. Boxes on the right hand side can be clicked on to access. 6. The home page can be returned to at any time by clicking on the IBD logo or home. 7. To print off application forms etc click on file and then print or if necesssary highlight first, selection and print. 8. To print off pdf files in Adobe version 6 is needed and free downloads are available here. 9. When searching the site it will search first the site and then Google will list everything on the web prioritising the IBD. 10. The members area can only be accessed by members using their e-mail address and password. 11. If you spot any discrepancies or any incorrect information please let us know by e-mailing our webmaster dan.cannas@ibd.org.uk.
12. Clicking on links will take you to their web-site. The list of these links is not yet complete. Any other links which users find useful can be added. Please email our webmaster dan.cannas@ibd.org.uk.
13. When using the Member Forum you will be prompted to login using your Member Number and Password. Please note you cannot access the members forum without logging in, you will then be asked to register to use the forum.
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