Peated Malt Production – Traditional Innovation

THURSDAY 4th March 2021 - 16:00 – 17:00 PM GMT

By the Scottish Section

THURSDAY 4th March, 16:00 PM – 17:00 PM GMT

Join us to hear an overview on peated malt production by Sam Hoad.

Sam has been at the forefront of Muntons peated malt facility and has been key in the successful production of peated malt for customers in Scotland and overseas.

One of the UK’s newest peated malt production facility is based in Yorkshire. The plant is situated in a remote rural area in the Yorkshire Wold, around an hour from Muntons’ Bridlington maltings which produces over 100,000 tonnes of malt a year.

Green malt (partially germinated barley) from the Bridlington maltings will be sent for final kilning and incorporation of the peated flavour (defined as phenol) to supply the growing whisky businesses globally.

There is strong demand for peated malt as whisky sales continue to grow and this new plant is already attracting advance orders from customers, old and new. The plant’s forecast is to produce up to 12,000 tonnes of peated malt a year of varying strengths of phenol to match specific customer demands.

It will be predominantly supplied in three strengths, heavily peated, medium peated and lightly peated. Customers will be able to purchase from Muntons both whole or crushed peated malt, in sacks, totes and bulk.

Why you should attend:

Discover new and innovative technology employed to ensure specific malt specifications are provided to the individual needs of distillers.


  • Sam Hoad - Muntons Malt - Peated Plant Manager
  • David Hannah - Muntons Malt - Brewing & Distilling Area Sales Manager - @MuntonsDavid


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