Virtual Conference

The 7th Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference

MONDAY, 6th  to WEDNESDAY, 8th September 2021

By the Scottish Section

WDSC 21 is nearly here at last! Like may events scheduled in 2020 or 21 we have gone virtual.

To make sure we achieve as much of a “life-like” feel as possible, we have selected a virtual platform which will simulate, and even enhance, the live conference experience.

We have taken the feedback and learnings from several global events to design a conference that will deliver on the key agenda points of sharing knowledge and developing networks.

We are pleased to acknowledge the continued support of our sponsors, presenters and delegates, many of whom are now experienced virtual conference participants!

As you can see below we have a wide range of topics to cover in a packed three day program.

The detailed program can be viewed on WDSC website where regular updates will be posted. Please also look out for updates on social media, and please spread the word from your own accounts! Looking forward to “seeing you” in September.


Session 1: Welcome and conference opening

Session 2: Diversity of Raw Materials and their Processing

Session 3: Innovation and Diversity in Fermentation

Session 5: Authenticity and Security

Session 6: Diversity of People

Session 7: Chemistry and Flavour of Spirits

Session 8: Challenging Tradition

Session 9: Improving our Environmental Impact 1

Session 10: Improving our Environmental Impact 2

Session 11: Consumer Engagement 

Session 12: Conference Close

Breakout 1: Big Data

Breakout 2: Raw Materials and Flavour

Breakout 3:  The Art of Storytelling and Why We Need It!

Breakout 4: Delve into Baijou

Breakout 5: Analytical Chemistry 1

Breakout 6: Environmental Impact 

Breakout 7: Challenging Tradition - R&D Approach

Breakout 8: Celebrating Process Diversity

Breakout 9: Fun with Fermentation


Poster Workshops


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