Asia Pacific Section

The Asia Pacific Section of The Institute

In 1952, several members of the Institute resident in Australia petitioned the Council of the Institute which approved, in principle, the formation of a Section in Australia. The Section was inaugurated at a meeting and convention held in Adelaide, South Australia, in August 1953. The recognition of the geographical association and the interest of members in New Zealand was formally recognised in 1967 with a change of name to the Australia and New Zealand Section. The realisation of broader boundaries led, in 1994, to change the name to Asia Pacific Section.

In 2001, the Section was registered as a public company – The Institute and Guild of Brewing – Asia Pacific Company Limited. This move was made necessary by the merger of the parent company The Institute of Brewing with the Guild of Brewers, forming The Institute and Guild of Brewing. The IGB was superseded in January 2005 by the new name The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) to reflect the increasing importance of the distilling industry to the activities of the Institute


The Asia Pacific Section is very active in providing a range of services to its members. The major activities include conventions that are held every two years – normally 5-day events attended by people involved in the brewing industry around the world. The Section also offers a range of symposia on technical subjects relevant to brewing, generally in the ‘off-year’ compared to conventions. Within each state of Australia, there is a region with local members organising technical and social meetings that offer members the opportunity of getting together in a less formal setting.

Membership enables you to attend conventions, symposia and workshops, and to be involved in scientific and technical committees.


As well as all the services provided by the Institute as a whole, the Section assists in providing technical contacts, educational opportunities and arranges local seminars. A small Section library is maintained and the Section also offers an Educational Award.

Section Membership

Membership of the Section comes from throughout the Asian Region with membership now in excess of 1000. The rough break up of this is:

New Zealand