Essentials in Brewing

Obtain a clear understanding of how the brewing process transforms ingredients into a great beer. Be able to speak confidently about beer and brewing.


This brand new online course has been designed to provide you with essential knowledge of brewing in an interactive and easy to assimilate way.

This self-directed course supports your learning with videos, quizzes and interactive images to reinforce the understanding of crucial information.

At the end of each unit, you will be assessed and the results of each assessment build towards your Record of Achievement.

Essential Information

Course Outcomes

  • Understand how each step of the brewing process from raw materials to the finished product is controlled to produce excellent beer
  • Recognise the importance of high quality ingredients
  • Speak with knowledge and confidence about brewing to colleagues, clients, and suppliers

Is This a Course for Me?

Yes, if you are:

  • An employee working for a brewing company who is not in a technical role
  • A commercial, sales & marketing, HR, Finance… professional working for a brewing company
  • An equipment/material supplier selling to brewing companies

What will I achieve?

You will receive a course Record of Achievement from the IBD, who offers the most widely recognised brewing and distilling qualifications in the world.

The Essentials in Brewing gives you an overview of the brewing process and explains the basic technical terms. If you are a supplier to the brewing industry, this will help you understand the needs of your clients to provide them with excellent customer service. 

If you work in a brewing company in a non-technical role, this course will give you the knowledge of the process to help you speak with confidence the brewer’s language.

How will I be supported?

How will I be supported?

This brand new course is delivered using online interactive learning material. This material makes new knowledge easy to assimilate and guides you through the brewing process.

At the end of each unit, you will be assessed and the results of each assessment build towards your record of achievement. You can take each assessment when convenient for you.

What's next?

The Essentials in Brewing is the base to build your knowledge of alcoholic beverage and beer production. 

You may wish to learn more about the production of beer with our new Foundation in Brewing Qualification which will be the next step to progress in your career if you decide to move into production.

Why choose the IBD?

We have been around since 1886 and are renowned in the industry for the quality of our learning material, support for learners and rigour of our exams.

The IBD have certified over 100,000 brewers and distillers across the globe.