General Certificate in Brewing

Gain a solid grounding in the science and technology of brewing

General Certificate in Brewing



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There are no pre-requisites for this course.

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Course Components
Study at your own pace with our Online Learning resource containing bite sized modules and over 200 practice exam questions

What will I learn?

You will learn about the raw materials – malt, hops, yeast and water. These are combined in the brewery to produce wort, which is then transformed through fermentation and maturation into beer. You will also learn about the quality aspects that are vital in producing commercial beer, along with basic analysis techniques and engineering principles.

Download the full syllabus to find out exactly what you will learn and how the examination works. 

What will I achieve?

IBD Qualifications are the most widely recognised brewing qualifications in the world. The General Certificate in Brewing demonstrates to your employer that you understand the basic underpinning scientific principles of the brewing process that go into producing a quality product.

Further Support:

Face to Face Learning Available

An intensive 2-day classroom-based programme in which the whole syllabus is revised and brought to life with practical sessions and multiple-choice question practice. This interactive learning experience gives context to the learning material through hands on sessions with raw ingredients, off-flavour taste testing and problem-solving games.

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Introductory Membership Offer

Join the IBD family with a specially reduced rate for your first year of membership. This allows you  to attend events designed to support your learning and encourage networking. You also gain access to our journal and our monthly members magazine which contain additional resources for exam candidates.

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What can I go on to study?

The General Certificate in Brewing provides you with the perfect platform from which to continue your studies towards Diploma level qualifications. The IBD’s Diploma in Brewing teaches advanced brewing science through a series of three in-depth modules. This programme will allow you to understand the brewing process in greater detail, and by able to apply this knowledge to control the process more effectively.

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