General Certificate in Malting

Gain a solid grounding in the science and technology of malting

General Certificate in Malting



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There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Please note that the IBD office is closed for the Christmas Holidays from noon 24th Dec 2019 until Thursday 2nd January 2020. We thank you for your patience. Please contact customer.support@ibd.org.uk from Thursday 2nd and one of the Customer Experience team will be happy to help you.

Course Components

What will I learn?

You will learn about different cereal types, barley growth and harvesting, the steps in the malting process, specialty malts and their relationship to alcohol production as well as health and safety and environmental issues.

For a full breakdown of what candidates will be examined on, please find the syllabus here.

What will I achieve?

IBD Qualifications are the most widely recognised drinks industry qualifications in the world. The General Certificate in Malting demonstrates to your employer that you understand the basic underpinning technological and scientific principles of the malting process that go into producing a quality product.

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