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Membership Categories

New or Existing Members:

  • Standard Member £140

    Persons associated with the scientific and technical aspects of brewing, fermentation, distillation and related/allied industries.
  • Student Member £46

    Members in full time study in the brewing, fermentation, distilling, or associated industries or in academic study related to those industries, who can verify their full time student status from their place of learning.
  • Introductory Member £46 

    A reduced rate offered to those who are registered on Fundamentals or General Certificate Examinations and then apply for membership. The reduced rate is available for the first three years of membership, after that time, the subscription level is automatically raised to full rate. Existing members are not eligible for the discounted rate.

Existing Members:

  • Member in Retirement £46

    A reduced rate offered to retired persons with 20 years of membership of the IOB, IBG, IGB or IBD who have reached the age of 55. Alternatively, retired members can commute to 'Life Membership' of the IBD by paying a one off fee consisting of 10 years of the current retired membership rate.
  • Life Member

    Membership is free after 40 consecutive years membership of the IOB, IBG, IGB or IBD.
  • Fellow

    Fellowship is the highest membership grade of the IBD. Fellows are nominated and will be distinguished IBD members with substantial experience and responsibility in the field of brewing, fermentation, distilling or associated activities. They are likely to have shown dedicated service to the IBD and associated industries over a number of years. Fellows may use the post nominals FIBD. The criteria for fellowship nomination and an application form can be found here.


  • Honorary Member/Honorary Fellow

    Available to persons determined through Council, according to merit.