Assistant Distiller


Assistant Distiller

Role Type: Full­time permanent, 40 hours per week.

Location: Chatham, ME4 4LP - England, UK

Salary: Competitive based on experience

Company: Copper Rivet

Reports to: Production Manager


Copper Rivet Distillery is a multi-disciplinary distillery producing a range of products from Gin to Whisky under one roof. Our production department is responsible for the mash, ferment, and distillation of our own branded products; for the blending and packaging of our own branded products and those of others, along with the co­production of other branded products. Copper Rivet Distillery differs from many other micro ­distilleries in terms of equipment, as it operates custom designed distillation systems.

The assistant distiller’s main responsibility will be in the areas of distilling, blending, cutting of spirits, barrelling, bottling, cleaning, warehousing & inventory, record keeping and HMRC distillery return filing. As such, the candidate must have at least a year experience as a distiller or rectifier, self-tasked and open to a fluid daily schedule.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Distillation and product creation operations
  • Dilution and blending
  • Ordering raw materials for distillation, blending and product creation operations
  • Managing production volumes for tax purposes thorough documentation to support HMRC reporting requirements

Shared Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Packaging
  • Goods in/out
  • Quality control
  • Meeting production targets
  • Supporting the team in all areas

Competitive salary based on experience.

This is a job in the alcohol business. A high degree of professionalism in your personal and professional life is expected.

This is a 40 hour, full­time permanent position.