Role Type: Full­time permanent, 40 hours per week.

Location: Chatham, ME4 4LP - England, UK

Salary: Competitive based on experience

Company: Copper Rivet

Reports to: Production Manager

At Copper Rivet Distillery, we pride our field to glass ethos; it not only gives us complete control of the production and creative process, also gives our consumers traceability. The ethos brings a lot of work in practice, starting from grain management, innovative brewing, creative distillation and blending skills.

We have a small production team with a can-do attitude and several award-winning products under our belt. We now need an experienced brewer to lead the brewhouse operations, working alongside our head-distiller.  

Job Description:

The Brewer will be responsible for all aspects of brewhouse operation. Starting from grain movement from farms, intake, milling, brewing and fermentation. The brewer will be working with the head distiller to create different expressions of distillers wash and beer. The brewer would be required to innovate beer and wash recipes. The brewer should be able to troubleshoot grain handling and brewhouse operations. The brewer will be responsible for brewhouse supply chain management.


  • At least 3 years experience in brewing and brewhouse management.
  • A science-based university degree in Chemistry or Biology (Engineering degrees will also be considered).

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:


  • Grain movement and intake
  • Grain Milling
  • Brewing and Fermentation
  • Brewhouse and grain equipment maintenance and servicing
  • Equipment CIP
  • Operation of heavy equipment including delivery vehicle, forklift, scissor lift, etc., once trained
  • Meeting production quotas on a daily basis
  • Managing production volumes for tax purposes thorough documentation to support HMRC reporting requirements


  • Safety is our highest priority. It is your responsibility to hold yourself, your peers, our vendors and customers to standards which protect their health and wellbeing.
  • Incident reporting, both incidents which did occur and incidents which nearly occurred, either of which may necessitate an examination of policy and procedure.

Other Responsibilities along with the Production Team

  • Spirits dilutions
  • Preparing botanicals for gin
  • Blending spirits
  • Assist in still operations
  • Bottling and packaging of products
  • Stock management
  • Handling goods-in and despatches
  • Cleaning
  • Taking ownership of the facilities and working to ensure all spaces are well maintained
  • Assisting in cleaning production equipment
  • Assisting in weekly distillery cleaning
  • Cleaning distillery warehouse on regular schedule
  • Assisting peers in recurring cleaning tasks
  • Utilizing and Maintaining Documentation:
  • Tolerances on labelling machine/service procedure
  • Acceptable guidelines for bottle notes contents
  • Troubleshooting procedure for filling bottles
  • New and re­use bottle cleaning procedures
  • Closure cleaning procedure
  • General facilities cleaning procedure
  • Production tank cleaning
  • All necessary production paperwork and documentation to support HMRC compliance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Monitoring equipment and facility for maintenance requirements
  • Maintaining facility and equipment in alignment with high standards and best practice Performance of regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Notifying supervisor immediately when concerns are identified which present potential hazards or impediments to standard production

Competitive salary based on experience.

This is a job in the alcohol business. A high degree of professionalism in your personal and professional life is expected.

This is a 40 hour, full­time permanent position.