Distiller and Gin Expert


Distiller and Gin Expert at Albion & East

Company:  Albion & East

Contract: Permanent

Salary: £27,000 annually 

Weekly Hours: 42

Location: London

Albion & East, a Bronze Medal winner in the World Gin Award 2021 and two Silver Medals in the London Spirits Competition, is looking for a Distiller and Gin Expert.

The company is a collection of five individual neighbourhood bars in London with in-house gin distilleries producing small gin batches in each location. Established in 2016, Albion & East is a growing bar company producing internationally recognised high-quality spirits, with 4 stills ranging from 20L to 120L.

We are looking for a Distiller and Gin Expert to help us grow our distillery alongside our bar business.

Main responsibilities:

  • Making our 8 gins and growing our spirits range
  • Delivering the company gin experience
  • Order and stocktaking of botanicals and ethanol
  • Help us install the next distillery into our next site
  • Bottling, labelling and waxing
  • HMRC declarations and bonded warehouse management
  • Gin blending masterclasses

Key skills & attributes required:

  • High energy / friendly / outgoing
  • Highly motivated individual
  • Love of drinks
  • Professional attitude
  • Pride
  • Interest in distilling
  • Ability to communicate with others
  • Exemplary time management and organisational skills
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task 

The main facets of the job include but are not limited to:

Attitude to hospitality

  1. Be Nice
  2. Tell the truth
  3. Always do what you say you are going to do
  4. Always be available
  5. Say hello and goodbye 

Set up and preparation

  • Ordering of Ethanol from approved suppliers
  • Ordering of botanicals
  • Storage of Ethanol to company guidelines
  • Storage of botanicals to company guidelines
  • Knows set up of the stills and how to operate
  • Knowledge of the principles of distilling
  • Ordering of bottles, labels and duty stickers used in bottling
  • Aware of multi shot method of gin production


  • Run a still run, 3 days a week
  • Bottle and rest each run for a 2-week period
  • Manage production levels to meet each bars requirement

Stock Management

  • Transfer out gin produced via the companies stocklink system
  • Order items needed for production through the company stocklink system
  • Process all invoices to receipt bank for payment
  • Secure all stock at all times in a locked area
  • Manage gin levels and raw materials according to the needs of each business
  • Transfer spirits between businesses when and wherever necessary


  • Distribute the finished products between sites via the most economical method possible
  • Ensure receiving management teams know that the product is due for delivery

Bonded Warehouse management

  • Maintain bonded warehouse regulations at all times
  • Ensure non-duty stamped gin is held in a locked environment under camera
  • Be aware of bonded areas and restrictions in place for each distillery

Licensing / HMRC declarations

  • Know the 4 licensing objectives
  • Always record all ethanol use, loss, waste
  • Record all heads tails and hearts
  • Submit monthly W1 W5 and W9 HMRC declarations when required
  • Provide the Finance Director all information on duty payable items on request
  • Be aware of all tax implications regarding the production of all spirits
  • Record everything at all times to allow for full duty traceability

Gin Making Classes

  • Deliver the Gin Making Experience to our guests in our bars
  • Prepare the experience in advance
  • Deliver the experience with passion
  • Liaise with the sales teams in all sites with regard to future bookings and special requirements
  • Break down and clean up after the experience
  • Amaze our customers with a fun and engaging session
  • Maintain the equipment required to deliver the sessions
  • Work with our PR and marketing partners to promote the session

 Website Sales

  • Check the website for sales of our gins
  • Package and distribute the product
  • Take payment for the product and process through the till system at site


  • Support the Management team in the hospitality side of the business if absolutely necessary
  • Make sure all administration duties and paperwork are maintained in an orderly fashion
  • Keep back of house stock areas clean, tidy and clear at all times
  • Follow all COSHH, H&S, Fire HMRC and legal requirements at all times
  • Deliver excellent customer service and lead by example at all times

Reports to: Operations Director / Finance Director

Interested: Please send your CV to Darren Rumbelow