New Diploma in Packaging Learning Material Reviewers at the IBD


New Diploma in Packaging Learning Material Reviewers at the IBD

Role Type: Voluntary 

Location: N/A Online

Salary: Not paid but the experience would look great on your CV

Company: IBD

The IBD L&D Team is currently busy creating new self-directed online learning material to support:

Diploma in Packaging Modules 1 & 2 (DP1 & DP2)

To support this development process, we need to recruit an elite team of expert reviewers to ensure the new material is word class.

Ideally, you will already hold this IBD qualification and/or have sufficient experience to give a thorough review. Before the material gets to this external review phase, it will have already been through many internal checks and professional copy edit.

The objective of this external review is to ensure we get global feedback from both large and small industry backgrounds, and of course to ensure the material is accurate and up to date with global technology and methods.

This is an unpaid role and could take between 1-2 hours per lesson. While you won’t get paid, having contributed to IBD learning material as a subject matter expert would be great for your CV and standing in the industry.

The availability of lessons for review will vary by project, which runs until approximately the end of August. If you are interested and would like more information about the review process, please contact:

Adrian James for DP1 (

DP1: Covering small pack materials, product (beer and cider) preparation for packaging, and small pack line operations.


Stuart Howe for DP2 (

DP2: Covering quality management, food safety, supply chain management, finance, procurement, project management, production planning, line design and large pack operations.

Please detail your qualifications and/or your experience in beverage packaging. 

This is a great opportunity to give back to the industry and help shape the future!

The deadline to show your interest is Wednesday, 30th June.