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The Horace Brown Medal

2011Tim Dolan
2008Professor Graham Stewart
2005Lionel D Maule
1999Dr D E Briggs

The winner receives a suitable memento/gift and is invited to give a Horace Brown memorial lecture.

Awarded every three years - an eminent scientist award. Although this award is open to all members, application is by selection not submission.

Further Details Regarding the Award:
The Horace Brown Medal commemorates Dr. Horace Tabberer Brown, one of the 'founding fathers' of the Institute of Brewing, known for his outstanding contribution to chemical, biological and geological research.

Although largely self taught, Dr Horace Tabberer Brown FRS (1848-1925) was a true polymath, who left his mark on virtually all areas of science in a career which lasted over 50 years. His work spanned barley germination, beer microbiology, water compositions, oxygen and fermentation, beer haze formation, wort composition and beer analysis. Always seeking new problems to investigate he never specialised as a scientist, being a naturalist, chemist, geologist, biologist in turn.

On Brown's death, the Institute resolved to perpetuate his memory by establishing a medal in his honour. The medal to be awarded ".... for eminent services on the scientific or technical side of the fermentation industries, at intervals of not less than three years, and then only if in the opinion of the Council, an award is justified....". The award to be available to either sex and all nationalities; the recipient to deliver a lecture on the occasion of the presentation of the medal.

In the years since its inception, the medal has been awarded to 24 individuals. The first recipient, in 1926, had been a personal friend of Brown and his connections with brewing went back almost as far as those of Brown himself. This was the eminent chemist, Professor Henry Edward Armstrong FRS.

Originally the medal was awarded every three to four years for eminent services to the scientific and technical side of the fermentation industries. The medal was established in 1925, the year that Horace Tabberer Brown died and is the highest award the Institute can confer.

Subsequently, at the bequest of Council, the award was reviewed by the IBD Awards Committee in February 2005.
It was confirmed that there was unanimous support for a more international perspective and the broadening of the scope from eminent scientist to eminent person. The lecture was still considered relevant as was publication of same, although this would be in either JIB or The Brewer & Distiller International. With the international perspective it was also deemed appropriate to have the lecture given at an appropriate local event e.g. a section convention, section meeting, section dinner or other event of suitable relevance.

The three yearly timescale was considered too broad and a two year timescale was recommended. An award would be deferred in a year if no suitable candidate is found. With the broadening of the scope to include eminent persons it is thought the Medal (depicting Horace Brown) with baluster was less than ideal as a presentation. It was felt to be a more practical memento to present a distinctive pen, or appropriate gift. Thus the name would be The Horace Brown Award. The funding for the memento and the expenses of the award recipient for the lecture would still continue to be funded by IBD Head Office.

- The Horace Brown Award nominee, to be selected by the IBD Awards Committee, will be an eminent person who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the interests of the IBD
- The award is not advertised
- The Award is to be presented every two years or deferred if there is not a suitable recipient in a given year
- The Awards Sub-committee will aim to make a recommendation at the December council meeting in the appropriate year
- The winner is to be presented with a distinctive pen or suitable alternative if appropriate. Date to be arranged for the Horace Brown Memorial lecture and presentation of Award at a suitable location. The location may be linked to an appropriate local event that provides a suitable context in terms of audience and cost. Support through the local Section may be requested
- Expenses for the winner to be paid by the IBD, 44A Curlew Street, London
- The winner will be expected to write up a paper from the lecture for the JIB or The Brewer & Distiller International whichever is deemed the most suitable in accordance with Editors advice

2008 - Professor Graham Stewart (Right) 2008 - Professor Graham Stewart (Right)
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