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General Certificate in Brewing

The General Certificate in Brewing gives international recognition of the basic, under-pinning scientific knowledge and understanding in the principles of brewing operations.

Included in your exam application is our new Self-directed Learning package. This rich and interactive online course is designed to give you all the resources and information required to prepare you for the exam.


The General Certificate in Brewing has been designed for candidates who may have little or no formal academic or technical qualification. Typically a candidate will be employed as a senior operator or team leader in a brewery or packaging plant, however the scope of these examinations will enable candidates from smaller brewing operations to obtain this recognised qualification.

The General Certificate in Brewing allows candidates to elect between mainstream and craft beer preparations: 

9A - Bright Beer Preparation (Mainstream option A) - focuses on chilled and filtered (bright) beer preparation, as well as high gravity dilution and carbonation.


9B - Cask and Craft Beer Preparation and Packaging (Craft option B) - focuses on the preparation and packaging of cask beer, as well as chilled and filtered beer for craft beer.

Entry Requirements

  • Entry is open to all candidates.
  • IBD membership is not required.


Study Requirements

  • The minimum recommended study time is 3 – 4 hours on each Section, dependent on level of experience and prior knowledge. Some of the Sections will have more questions asked in the examination than others; this is detailed in the Syllabus and is a useful guide to allocating study time. 


Examination Requirements

  • Examinations are sat in centres around the world, to find your closest one please click here.
  • The 2 hour examination consists of 60 multiple choice questions sat either online or on paper. The pass mark is set at 66% (40 correct answers from 60 questions). Candidates attaining 90% or more achieve a Distinction pass and 80 - 89% achieve a Credit pass.

To view sample questions for this examination please click here.

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  • IBD Examination Regulations can be found here.

Examination Dates 

Examination Date Early Bird Deadline (EBD) (EBD) Fee* Final Deadline (FD) (FD) Fee*
8 May 19 31 Jan 19 £355 1 Mar 19 £405
13 Nov 19 31 Jul 19 £355 1 Sep 19 £405


*Note: Fees may be subject to VAT.