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Master Distiller

The Master Distiller is the highest level of distilling qualification offered by the IBD. It is a measure of the level of a candidate's competence in the technical management of the distilling processes. Although they are competence-based assessments, it is essential that the candidate has a background which includes a detailed technical knowledge of the scientific theory and principles that underpins the process.


Typical candidates are team leaders or operational/technical managers in distilleries. Successful candidates are considered to be sufficiently technically competent to take up senior production management positions in the industry.

- Module 1 Raw Materials and Wort Production 
- Module 2 Fermentation and Distilling 
- Module 3 Maturation and Packaging of Spirit 
- Module 4 Resource Management and Regulatory Compliance 
- Module 5 Practical Project


Entry Requirements

  • Entry is restricted to those holding the IBD Diploma in Distilling or exempt qualification.  
  • IBD membership is a requirement.
  • It is recommended that candidates have at least 5+ years industry experience.
  • It is a requirement that all candidates for the Master Level qualification are sponsored by their employing organisation, with a senior person nominated as the candidate’s Sponsor. The role of the Sponsor is to support the candidate with resources and opportunities to carry out the full qualification programme, including the project - Module 5.


Study Requirements 


Examination Requirements 

  • Examinations are sat in centres around the world, to find your closest one please click here.
  • IBD Examination Regulations can be found here

Examination Dates

Module Examination Date Early Bird (EB) Deadline EB Fee* Final Deadline (FD) (FD) Fee*
1 5 Jun 18 30 Nov 17 £275 1 Mar 18 £325
2 6 Jun 18 30 Nov 17 £275 1 Mar 18 £325
3 7 Jun 18 30 Nov 17 £275 1 Mar 18 £325
4 8 Jun 18 30 Nov 17 £275 1 Mar 18 £325
5 Dissertation N/A £275 30 Sep 17 £325

*Note: Fees may be subject to VAT.

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