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Cambridge Prize


The Cambridge Prize is awarded for what is judged to be a highly significant contribution to brewing science and technology by a younger member of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling. Attention is drawn to the arrangements for submitting entries. Candidates may either enter personally, or be sponsored by companies, universities or other related establishments.


Traditionally this award is presented at a relevant Section or Presidential Dinner. The winner receives a cheque for £500 (GBP) and an engraved memento.


1) The award is open to all younger members of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, whether resident in UK or not, and will go to the person who, in the view of the Awards Committee, made the most significant contribution to brewing science and technology during the previous three years. Applicants must be under 35 years of age at the end of the year when the application is made.

2) The prize may be withheld if, in the view of the Awards Committee, no application is of a suitably high standard.

3) Applications must be made by 31st December each year, and may be submitted by the individual concerned or by anyone familiar with his or her work, in which case that person must be willing to act as referee. Evidence to support applications must include relevant publications, theses or written work of similar standing.

4) The Committee will select the winner so that this may be announced at the first Council Meeting of the calendar year, following the closing date for entries.

5) Unsuccessful applications may be re-submitted in subsequent years providing the age and time constraints are observed.

6) The person receiving the award will be invited to provide an article on their work for publication in the Journal of the Institute of Brewing (JIB).

7) Associated with the award will be a monetary prize of £500 together with suitable mementoes, the latter being presented at a suitable IBD event.

8) All queries should be directed to the Chief Executive, Institute of Brewing & Distilling, 44A Curlew Street, London, SE1 2ND , United Kingdom.


To read the Cambridge Prize rules, please click here
An application form can be found here