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Diploma in Beverage Packaging

The Diploma in Beverage Packaging qualification provides global recognition for professionals who are specialists in this vital area of the production process.

The examination process for this qualification differs from the other IBD qualifications in that it comprises marked assignments and written examinations. Each module will be assessed by assignments which are completed throughout the course periods (October to May). In June candidates will sit the written examinations which consist of short, multiple choice and long answer questions There are three modules each consisting of four units.

Each unit consists of one assignment. Candidates can gain exemption for unit assignments upon provision of an appropriate portfolio of evidence, but the exemption does not extend to the examination part of the evaluation. At present there are one ways of learning which is web based learning.

  • Web Based Learning

    This programme is available to anyone who has access to the internet. The programme will start in January and finish in May each year. Specialist IBD accredited trainers are assigned to each module. Students work through the learning material on line and are asked to complete 5 assignments. The assignments are marked, graded and tutor comments provided. Please note the assignment grade does not go towards your final examination grade but does provides feedback on knowledge and level of preparedness for the examinations. Candidates will have the opportunity to participate in video conferences where the tutors will give live lectures. There will be approximately 5 tutorials per module. Please note the tutors select the timings of the tutorials based on the most convenient time/s for the entire group. Due to these courses attracting a global audience, timings are carefully selected to try to suit everyone, but this may not be always possible. Please note we would highly recommend sitting one module per year.

    Module Dates Fees  Deadline
    1 Jan 19 - May 19 £935* 7 Jan 19
    2 Jan 19 - May 19 £935* 7 Jan 19
    3 Jan 19 - May 19 £935* 7 Jan 19

    *Note: Fees may be subject to VAT.
  • Prior to applying

    We recommend that you read the Syllabus and visit the examination page for this level.

    Please note we highly recommend sitting one module per year.