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Dundalk Bay Brewing Company seeking a Brewer

Are you interested in an exciting opportunity to work for one of the largest Craft Brewing Companies Ireland has to offer? Then this position is for you!

The role

Dundalk Bay Brewing Company are seeking a Brewer for their 45HL fully automated Brewery based in Dundalk, Co.Louth Ireland. This opportunity to run a large brewery and manage its daily outputs and recipes is an exciting position. It is critical that the applicant must have relevant qualifications such as a brewing degree or any relevant certification from IBD and a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a similar sized brewery.

The Brewer

We are looking for a brewer who has managed a similar sized operation in the past with excellent communication skills and knowledge of the industry, excellent ability to participate in meetings with senior management and sales pitches to associated clients.  It is paramount that the individual has high quality management control in his/her background and has full understanding of the brewery process, stock control and laboratory quality measures.

To apply for this position please send your cover letter and CV to

Successful applicants will be contacted for first round of interviewing.

Type: Full Time

Salary:Competitive Wages

Location: Dundalk, Co.Louth Ireland


Company Name: Dundalk Bay Brewing Company

Email Address: