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Take the next step in your career with the IBD General Certificate

We offer a range of General Certifcate qualifications in Brewing, Distilling, Packaging, Malting, and Cider making.

Support courses

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New Short Courses

Dry Hopping Course

Gain the knowledge essential for producing beers with exceptional hop character, consistently and at minimum cost with the Dry Hopping course!

No and Low Alcohol Beer Production Course

Discover the the science and technology behind no and low alcohol beer production.

Spirit Sensory Analysis Course

Gain the tools and skills required to run a range of sensory tests. Discover how to implement an effective sensory analysis programme that can improve your process and products.

Beer Sensory Analysis Course

Master effective sensory analysis. The Beer Sensory Analysis course gives you the tools and skills required to run a range of sensory tests. And the ability to use the test results to improve your process and your beer.

Essentials in Distilling Course

Discover, in an engaging and interactive way, how different spirits such as whisk(e)y, gin, tequila and vodka are distilled and the processes used to make them. This course will be especially beneficial for those working in supporting roles in distilleries, suppliers, hospitality professionals and genuine spirits lovers. 

Beer Recipe Development Course

Our first on-demand technical short course is aimed at brewers on a path of continuing professional development and those who want to become better brewers. It will also benefit more serious home brewers.

It includes expert advice and guidance from brewers who have developed some of the world’s most iconic beer brands and it features text, videos, animations, quizzes, and games.

Who We Are

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling delivers Gold-standard Technical Qualifications and support programmes for the beverage industries that are recognised around the world.

Our Qualifications and our global community of experts and Members enable you to grow as a professional. The IBD connects you with an international peer network to help you and your business thrive in the competitive and challenging drinks market.  

What We Do