Foundation in Brewing

Brewing and Packaging for non-Technical Professionals


Kick-start your brewing career with confidence and know-how.

This qualification will provide you with the foundational knowledge to understand how a few simple ingredients are transformed during the brewing process into a vast range of styles and flavours.

Once you have achieved this qualification, you will be ready to move to the next level of professional development – the General Certificate in Brewing.

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We are in the final stages of setting up the new, improved and interactive Foundation in Brewing. 

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Essential Information

What will I achieve?

IBD qualifications are the most widely recognised brewing qualifications in the world.

The Foundations of Brewing gives you an essential overview and understanding of the whole production process in non-technical terms. For those working within the industry in supply and support roles, this vital understanding of the needs of your clients will let you provide the best possible customer service.

How will I be supported?

This qualification is supported by a new online interactive course coming up in June. The course will guide you through the processes and techniques of brewing.  When you are ready for the exam, simply book a time slot online and take the test from your computer with our remote invigilation.

What's next?

The Foundation in Brewing and Packaging is a standalone course designed for those looking to understand more about beer production. It also provides a solid base on which to build your knowledge of alcoholic beverage production. You may wish to learn more about the production of spirits with our Foundation in Distilling course or about tasting and appreciation in our Beer and Cider Academy.

Why choose the IBD?

The IBD provides the most widely recognised professional beverage qualifications in the world. We’ve been around since 1886 and have built a reputation for trust in the industry due to the quality of our learning material, support for learners and rigour of our exams.

Since we began professional qualifications in the 1950s, we have qualified over 100,000 brewers and distillers across the globe.