Tutor Guided Learning

Michael Ruth - Diploma in Brewing Module 2 Tutor

Michael is an expert in brewing training and process technology, with a depth of expertise acquired across multiple research institutions, breweries and packaging manufacturers over 24 years. 

Michael’s career started as a scientist in 1997 at The Brewing Industry Research Foundation, developing his profession as a brewmaster with several major beer producers, including John Smith, Tadcaster, and Ottakringer Brewery.

In 2008, Michael joined Krones Academy as a technical trainer to establish the brewing training, developing the training modules and materials, in addition to marketing the training. Since Steinecker GmbH was spun off as an independent company in 2021, Michael is continuing to provide his customer training as part of Steinecker. 

Alongside his industry experience, Michael holds a Diploma in Brewing and Beverage Technology from TUM Weihenestephan (2002).

An IBD member since 2008, as one of our esteemed tutors, Michael brings Diploma candidates a detailed insight into the evolving technologies and production processes that go into making a quality product. Based in Regensburg, Bavaria, Michael in his spare time also likes traveling in general, motorbike touring in particular.