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What are our members saying?

Bhavya Mandanna

Immediate Past President, IBD. Science and Technology Director (Global), Diageo, United Kingdom

“I would recommend becoming a member of the IBD because it gave my career an early boost through a plethora of opportunities for learning coupled with industry exposure. This enabled me to not only learn and develop my knowledge base, but also understand application in the real world context, across a range of working philosophies, which I believe is a cornerstone of career success".

Miles Hay

Packaging Manager - Butcombe Brewery, Bristol, United Kingdom

"Our IBD is invaluable in gaining access to events and a network of professionals to share experiences and knowledge. It’s been great to understand more about the history and heritage of our prestigious industry. In the seven short years I’ve been involved, I’ve learned a lot from experienced peers and am already beginning to nurture the next generation of great brewers.

Having been a member all through my 20s, being part of the Institute has allowed me to continuously refine the processes and methods I’ve been working on. Having full access to the Brewer and Distiller International member magazine has kept me at the forefront of brewing R&D".

Katrine Kongsgaard

Junior Brewer en Cervecería Brew Master and System Manager at Viking Malt A/S Vordingborg, Denmark

"The IBD provides brilliant connections and good experiences with people in the industry.

You can participate in a whole range of network events, technical talks, and education programmes which is highly recommended if you are starting in the sector!

Through my IBD contacts, I got precious advice on how to navigate my career and ideas to move forward. Furthermore, I got a placement where I did my Master’s thesis, partly sponsored by Institute. My relationship with the IBD during my studies helped me to get my current job in the industry".

 Max Cook

Head Brewer – Carlton United Breweries – 4 Pines Brewery, Brookvale, Sydney, Australia

"The IBD is the industry association held in the highest regard around the globe, and its qualifications are internationally recognised as the gold standard throughout the world. With such a diverse membership base, the IBD keeps itself at the forefront of technical advancements and likewise, such diverse membership offers unique networking opportunities with both members and suppliers alike.

Initially, my membership with the IBD was entirely centered around education and industry qualifications. As my experience and time in the industry have grown, I have come to appreciate the networking aspect that membership offers; both professional and social. My current and previous roles were both born out of contacts made at IBD events, and some of my closest friends were met through industry events organised by the IBD".

The IBD is the industry association held in the highest regard around the globe. As my experience in the industry has grown, I appreciate the networking aspect that IBD membership offers. My current and previous roles were both born out of contacts made at IBD events”.

Tom Edgley

Quality Assurance Specialist - Heineken UK, Tadcaster, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

"The IBD has given me the opportunity to gain insight into the industry and meet so many interesting and passionate people who want to share their brewing experiences. I started my journey with the Fundamentals of Brewing and Packaging as a Trainee Brewer which gave me the foundation of my technical knowledge of the processes.

The resources and education provided have continued to support my personal development through the General Certificate in Brewing, Diploma in Brewing and now Master Brewer. The knowledge I've gained has given me opportunities to manage breweries in India, and work with wonderfully creative people.

The most rewarding aspect of each of my IBD qualifications is that I am actually able to apply my understanding to practical applications within my job roles".

Why should you become an IBD member?

Embrace a community which was created for you and your professional interests at its heart.

Join the most recognised global membership institution in the drinks industry and the gold-standard provider of technical qualifications in the sector.

With more than 4000 members from all sizes of businesses in 90 countries, the Institute of Brewing & Distilling is here to provide you with the benchmark in technical knowledge, industry credibility and professional contacts for you to thrive in your career and beyond as a brewer, distiller or allied industry professional.

Becoming an IBD member means being part of a global network of professionals. You will receive invitations to exclusive industry events, roundtables and workshops where you will learn from experts and spend time with fellow professionals who share your interests.

These events are specially designed to offer the opportunity to expand your professional network locally and internationally, socialise and improve your skills and knowledge. Plus, you will receive our prestigious publications Brewer and Distiller International and Journal of the Institute Brewing.

As an IBD member, you will have also the chance to make hear your voice in our General Meetings and be part of our regional Section to activate and engage at a personal level with the professionals and businesses where you operate.  

Types of IBD Memberships

Student Membership

You can get this membership if you are studying brewing, distilling, fermentation or associated subjects full-time at an academic institution. *Verification required

£48 per year

Standard Membership

For professionals working in the brewing, distilling, fermentation, malting and packaging industries or supplier industries. 

£146 per year