Tutor Guided Learning

Ian Thorn - Diploma in Distilling Module 1&2 Tutor

Ian is one of our most versatile tutors, with 15 years working in brewing and distilling internationally. Ian began in 2006 at Scottish & Newcastle-Berkshire Brewery in Reading, UK, as a Microbiologist, moving later to Stroud Brewery, in Gloucester as Head Brewer.

His career changed substantially in 2011 when he decided to move to Australia and enter distilling. He joined Starward Whisky Distillery in Melbourne, where he took on several production managerial roles and is currently Operations Manager for The Gospel Distillers, Melbourne. 

Among his many achievements, Ian's involvement in a continuous improvement project led to a 12% increase in process efficiency at Starward. His work has also seen him develop and commercialise a rapid maturation system for a rye whiskey-style product. 

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from University of Sydney (2004). Since joining the IBD in 2003, Ian has achieved several IBD qualifications (GCB, GCD, Dipl. Brew. Dipl. Distil), in addition to mentoring others through their own, he has just achieved the Master Distiller qualification.

We are excited for such an accomplished industry professional and mentor as Ian to help guide candidates through their Diploma in Distilling as a TGL tutor. 

Based outside Melbourne, Australia, Ian also likes to volunteer as a Cub Scout Leader and plays the bagpipes with the City Of Melbourne Highland Pipe Band.