Coffee Break

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Coffee Break

Water stewardship

Working with water: protecting the lifeblood of the craft

Staying up to date

Staying  up to date: CPD in Brewing and Distilling

Opportunities and ethics

Do we need restrictions on permitted ingredients in beer?

New horizons

New horizons: 
Is a move overseas part of your career plan?

Casting the net

Casting the net: Why a good network is important for your career

Navigating choppy waters

Navigating choppy waters: Should I consider moving sectors as a part of my career strategy?

Wild Terroir

Wild Terroir - using wild yeasts to create beers with a sense of place

Dry hopping

Hopping around ... exploring the options for dry hop additions.


Sensory analysis: Part 1

Sensory analysis in theory
and practice. 
Part 1: The tasting process

Sensory analysis: Part 2

Sensory analysis in theory
and practice. 
Part 2: Tests and statistics