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Scottish Section Education Fund

The Scottish Section of the IBD is pleased to advise you about their Education Fund which is made possible through the use of reserved funds from the World Distilled Spirits Conferences.

The key objectives of the fund will be to support education and research of particular interest to the distilled spirits industry and to further the IBD's educational mission. Applications from a brewing and malting setting will also be accepted. Funding is available to support a wide range of research and learning formats including:

  • Funding of work placements
  • Funding (part) of MSc or Post-Doctoral research projects
  • Funding of 'in work' review studies
  • Research fact-finding missions (e.g. evaluation of new technology from outside the sector)

Research grant applications will be considered against a number of criteria which will include relevance to the Distilled Spirits sector, relevance to the mission of the IBD and learning outcomes. Those successful in receiving an award from the fund will be expected to publicly report their work and findings, preferably through a poster or paper at future WDSC's and/or through the IBD's publications or presentation at a section event. This will ensure that any lessons are disseminated across the entire IBD membership and the sector.

For further information regarding the IBD Scottish Section Education Fund please contact the Secretary.