On Demand Courses

Reinforce your brewing and distilling knowledge with our interactive and multimedia on demand short courses. 


The IBD on demand courses have been designed to provide a dynamic, flexible and cost effective way to educate professionals on the production line and those working in supporting roles in the brewing and distilling sectors.  

Essentials in Brewing Course

Discover the principles of beer and brewing. An on demand course specially designed for supporting roles (e.g. sales/marketing) at a brewery, a bar or restaurant or anyone who has a passion for beer.

Beer Recipe Development Course

Acquire the knowledge to create beer recipes at a commercial scale. This online course provides best practices, insights and calculations, a long with expert advice from brewers who have developed some of the world’s most iconic beer brands.

Beer Sensory Analysis Course

Master effective sensory analysis. The Beer Sensory Analysis course gives you the tools and skills required to run a range of sensory tests. And the ability to use the test results to improve your process and your beer.

Essentials in Distilling Course

The Essentials in Distilling course introduces how spirits such as whisky, gin, tequila and vodka are distilled.

The course includes insights into the raw materials used to make spirits, and how they are processed, fermented and distilled to produce spirits.

Dry Hopping Course

Gain the knowledge essential for producing beers with exceptional hop character, consistently and at minimum cost with the Dry Hopping course!

Gin Production Course

Learn the science, best practice and techniques required to make gin of exceptional quality at minimum cost. This gin production course covers everything an experienced distiller needs to know about gin making from botanical selection to preparation for packaging.

Coming soon!

Operations Management – due for release before August 2024

This course provides brewers, distillers, maltsters, cidermakers and packaging professionals with the tools to manage their operations effectively. It covers the theories and practicalities of quality, supply chain, project and financial management through the lens of producers in the beverage supply chain. Completing the course should enable you to work smart, save money and resources and understand some of the management buzzwords encountered in modern operations.