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Publications and Resources

Resources, Publications and Archives

A resources centre, packed full of technical articles, advice and helpful tips with an archive centre dating back to 1890. The IBD produces two publications, the Brewer and Distiller International (BDI) and the Journal of Institute of Brewing (JIB).Logo

The monthly BDI features contributions from experienced practitioners within the brewing and distilling industry, reporting on a wide breadth of topics from tours of plants around the world featuring the latest technological innovations, through to commentary on the rich heritage that underpins the hugely competitive industry of today. The BDI is available online and in-print; web hits are around 2000 every month!

The quarterly JIB, publishes original scientific papers relating to the brewing and distilling industries, their raw materials and by-products. Papers are drawn from universities, research institutes and industrial laboratories worldwide. The JIB is available online and in-print; web hits are around 500,000 per year!

Also available are posters, presentation and technical pieces from our conferences and conventions held around the world, including the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference (WDSC), Africa Convention and Asia Pacific Convention.