Master Brewer

The pinnacle of professional brewing qualifications

The Master Level qualifications are the highest professional qualification offered by the IBD. Typical candidates are team leaders or operational/technical managers. Successful candidates should have at least five years of experience working at a senior management level with responsibility for running departments within their manufacturing facility.

  • Module 1 - Raw Materials and Wort Production
  • Module 2 - Fermentation and Beer Processing
  • Module 3 - Packaging of Beer
  • Module 4 - Resource Management and Regulatory Compliance
  • Module 5 - Practical Project


You must be an IBD member and have achieved the IBD Diploma in Brewing or an exempt qualification from an approved university.

It is a requirement that all candidates for the Master level qualification are sponsored by their employing organisation, with a senior person nominated as the candidate’s sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to support the candidate with resources and opportunities to carry out the full qualification programme, including the project - Module 5.

For a full breakdown of what candidates will be examined on, download the syllabus below.

After achieving the award you may use the 'M.Brew' post-nominal.


Next Exam

Module 1


 17 June 2025

Module 2

 18 June 2025

Module 3

 19 June 2025

Module 4

 20 June 2025

Registration Closing Date

11 Mar 2025

Module 5 - Project Proposal Due

2025 date TBC

Module 5 - Final Project Due

2025 date TBC

Registration Closing Date

(Module 5)

2025 date TBC


(Per module)


Membership Requirement

To register for the Master level qualifications you must be an IBD member.


What will I achieve?

The IBD Master Brewer qualification is the world's highest level of recognition in the technical management of the brewing production process, through a combination of knowledge and experience. It demonstrates your ability to learn from what has happened in the past, together with interpretive skills to deeply understand processes and continuously improve them. The IBD Master Brewer qualification is the culmination of many years of learning and putting science into action.

How will I be supported?

While the IBD’s Master level qualification is all about demonstrating your expertise and competence, by embarking on this programme you will take control over your own learning and development. Your sponsoring mentor will help you to construct your study plan, built around the IBD syllabus, to be examined in five parts.

What's next?

The IBD believes in lifelong learning. For those who attain our highest level of qualification, we offer a number of professional development opportunities that enable you to give back to the community while enhancing your skills in new areas. You may find yourself helping to train the next generation of brewers and distillers, sitting on our examinations board or contributing to the continuous cycle of learning material improvement. 

There are many roles and opportunities for our Master Brewers within our community of global experts. What will yours be?

Why choose the IBD?

The IBD provides the most widely recognised professional beverage qualifications in the world. We’ve been around since 1886 and have built a reputation for trust in the industry due to the quality of our learning material, support for learners and rigour of our exams.

Since we began professional qualifications in the 1950s, we have qualified over 100,000 brewers and distillers across the globe.