Foundations of Distilling

Gain a solid educational foundation in distilling processes with this entry-level technical qualification.

The Foundations of Distilling is designed to give learners an overview of the entire production process, from raw ingredients to packaged products.

It is an excellent introduction to the distilling process which is designed to help you in the early stages of your distilling career.


Who is this Qualification for?

The Foundations of Distilling is for future distilling professionals with little or no prior distilling knowledge. 

The Foundations of Distilling will also benefit those supplying raw materials or technical services to the distilling industry. The knowledge gained from this qualification will enable you to better understand the needs of distilling professionals and to speak their language.

For a breakdown of what candidates will learn and be examined, please find the syllabus here.


Exam Dates

21 Mar 2024

Registration closing: 11 Jan 2024


15 Oct 2024 

Registration closing: 11 August 2024



Learning Material

(PDF based course)


Candidates will receive access to the learning material within 1 working day after registration.

Study Requirements

60 Hours Min

Membership Offer

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Financial Support

The IBD has a number of bursaries and scholarships to support those candidates from less advantaged backgrounds who wish to progress in their careers by taking our qualifications. What Financial Support Can I Get?


All Foundation examinations are now Online with Remote Invigilation on fixed dates for each examination.

What will I Achieve?

IBD qualifications are the most widely recognised distilling qualifications in the world.

The Foundations of Distilling gives you an essential overview and understanding of the whole production process in non-technical terms. For those working within the industry in supply and support roles, this vital understanding of the needs of your clients will let you provide the best possible customer service.

My Examination & How Will I Be Supported?

The scope of the examination is the syllabus and this qualification is supported by PDF-based learning material. The course will guide you through the processes of distilling and packaging supplying you with relevant information about each of those.

In advance of your examination, a series of instructions and support mechanisms will be sent to you by email which will include the requirement to download an application for the IBD examination platform supplier.

Once you have followed these instructions you will be able to take your test on the computer you downloaded the Application onto. You take your test by logging into your account and connecting with your remote invigilator who will go through a series of checks with you before starting your exam.

What Financial Support Can I Get?

The IBD has reinforced its bursaries and scholarships with the aim to support those candidates from less advantaged backgrounds willing to progress in their careers by taking our qualifications. 

The application deadline is 30th of September for examination in the following year.

Find out more about them and discover if you are eligible for any of them.  

What's next?

The Foundations of Distilling is a standalone course designed for those looking to understand more about spirit production. It also provides a solid base on which to build your knowledge of alcoholic beverage production. You may wish to learn more about the production of spirits with our Foundations of Brewing qualification or about tasting and appreciation in our Beer and Cider Academy.

Why choose the IBD?

The IBD provides the most widely recognised professional beverage qualifications in the world. The IBD has existed since 1886 and has built up a reputation for trust in the industry due to the high quality and standards of its examinations that are governed and upheld by the independent IBD Examination Board. This is also supported by the quality of its learning material and its support for learners

Since we began professional qualifications in the 1950s, we have qualified over 100,000 brewers and distillers across the globe.