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Presentations Recordings - Sustainable Innovation in Brewing and Distilling in Scandinavia

“Innovative Distilling”

by Henric Molin - Founder, Spirit of Hven Distillery. Sweden

“Sustainable brewing at Svaneke - a Case study”

by Jan Paul - Head Brewmaster, Svaneke Bryghus. Bornholm, Denmark

"This is not whisky, this is the future of spirits"

by Tobias Emil Jensen - Founder, EtOH. Copenhagen, Denmark

“Practical aspects of cider production”

by John Cardelli - Technical Manager, Brew Tek Nordic. Gothenburg, Sweden

“Into the Wild – fermentation with wild yeast and bacteria”

by Fredric Ek - Co-Founder, Brekeriet. Landskrona, Sweden

SPAA, Swedish Producers of Alcohol. An organization for brewers, winemakers and distillers. What do we do, and how do we do it?”

by Sara Sundqvist - Secretary General, SPAA, Sweden