British Hop Competition Awards Ceremony

FRIDAY, 13 January 2023. 11:00 Start.

By the Midland Section

FRIDAY, 13th January 2023. 11:00 Start.

Purecraft Bar & Kitchen

30 Waterloo St, Birmingham B2 5TJ

Congratulations to the Class winners of the 2022 IBD British Hop Awards!

The IBD invites you and especially encourages attendance of all participating hop growers, hop merchants and brewers at the presentation of the certificates and trophies to the winning entrants.

Celebrate with this year’s Hop Class winners and discover the overall Champion Hop of 2022 which will be announced at the ceremony. Enjoy a unique cask of beer brewed with this hop that will be available for all to savour at this event.


  • 11:00: Arrival
  • 11:30 – 12:00: Presentations (IBD President, Bhavya Mandanna)
  • 12:00 – 13:00: Lunch


Tickets: Free for IBD Members. 50 places maximum.

Please confirm your attendance to Zane Barnes, Secretary of the IBD Midland Section by 16th December 2022.

More information about the British Hop Competition 2022, categories, winners and judges can be found here.


2022 Competition Winner’s List:

  1. Class A: The Le May Cup awarded for the best sample of Goldings and eligible clones.

1st – Ian Strang (Goldings)

2nd – SC & JH Berry (EKG)

3rd – RMO, RCO & AM Capper (Goldings)

  1. Class B: The Hop Merchants Cup awarded for the best sample of hops (from each

individual Category) bought on the basis of their aroma character, irrespective of Alpha Acid content.

Category A: High Aroma intensity

1st – Haffenden Farms (Cascade)

2nd – M H & L Andrews (Harlequin)

3rd – Farmer Pudge & Co (Ernest)

Category B: Strong Aroma Intensity

1st – L Wheeler & Son E Peckham (Toyomodori)

2nd – SJ Parker & Son (Opus)

3rd – SC & JH Berry (Challenger)

Category C: Delicate Aroma Intensity

1st – Stockton Court (Pilgrim)

2nd – Clive & Richard Edmed (Sovereign)

3rd – Little Pell Farm (Pilgrim)

  1. Class C: The Brewers Cup awarded for the best sample of hops that are bought

primarily for their high Alpha Acid content.

1st – Hawkins Farming Ltd (Harlequin)

2nd – RJ & HL Hancocks (Target)

3rd – RMO, RCO & AM Capper (Pilgrim)

  1. Class D: The Wigan Cup awarded for the best sample of Fuggle.

1st – SJ Adams & Sons

2nd – TG Redsell

3rd – JW Spilsbury & Co

  1. Class E: The Botanix Cup awarded for the best sample of Dwarf/Hedgerow variety.

1st – Farmer Pudge & Co (Pioneer)

2nd – RMO, RCO & AM Capper (Endeavour)

3rd – C & R Pudge (Endeavour)

  1. Class F: The Grower’s Challenge Bowl awarded for the best sample of a new English variety.

1st – M H & L Andrews (Harlequin)

2nd – Hawkins Farming Ltd (Jester)

3rd – M H & L Andrews (Harlequin)


  1. Champion: The best overall hop sample from the winners of classes A to F for the Institute

of Brewing & Distilling Award will be announced at the awards ceremony in January.