Seminar - Discussion & Q&A

Cask Beer Roundtable

TUESDAY, 2nd August 2022 - 14:00 BST

By the Southern Section

Tuesday, 2nd August 2022



Olympia London 
Hammersmith Road 
W14 8UX 


Calling all IBD members and especially senior brewers and pub traders.

You are invited to participate in this unmissable Roundtable, a fringe event part of the Great British Beer Festival 2022.

While we are all passionate about cask beer, there is little by way of a united approach to supporting it. This Roundtable aims to create a multidisciplinary panel across the supply chain looking at this from different perspectives.

You will be able to provide your view as each participant will be allocated 5 mins to talk about the current state and future of cask beer, and work collaboratively with the floor to develop a summary of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats during a question and answer session.

Maximum number of places: 30


  • Tim Dewey - CEO - Timothy Taylors
  • Dave Aucott - Wholesaler JDW - East West Ales Cask Beer 
  • Laura McKay-  Head of Marketing - St Austell Brewery
  • Dan Gooderham - Head Brewer - Adnams Brewery
  • Mat Henney - Head of Quality - St Austell Brewery


Why you should attend:

  • Provide your view to create a SWOT analysis for cask beers created by a multi-disciplinary cross-section of the cask beer community
  • Participate in the critical analysis of this sector of the beer business
  • Hear various views and opinions from professionals in the sector from all parts of the supply chain
  • Learn from different perspectives and help decide what the challenges and opportunities are for cask beer
  • Share your passion for our unique national treasure


Interested in attending:

If you would like to be part of this free Roundtable, please register with the IBD.

In addition, you would need to register as a trade guest with the Great British Beer Festival.