Hygiene Monitoring and Biofilms in Brewing - The Bad and the Ugly

THURSDAY, 20th January 2022 - 16:30 – 18:00 GMT

By the Great Northern Section

THURSDAY, 20th January 2022, 16:30 – 18:00 GMT


Join us in our first webinar of the year to take a deep dive into the fascinating field of hygiene and biofilms.

This session will be especially interesting for brewers, cider makers and distillers, and also for soft drinks and wine producers.

Alexander Jevons, Senior Microbiologist at Murphy and Son, and Dr Keith Thomas, Director of Brewlab and founder of Darwin Brewery, both experts in the field, will show us the consequences of poor CIP and lack of monitoring.

Learn with them about the importance of how a good routine and advanced monitoring techniques can help ensure good quality production. They will also explain the vital relevance of molecular biology in quality control and the importance of biofilms and how to detect them and deter them.

Why you should attend:

  • Understand the consequences of inadequate CIP on hygiene
  • Learn about different hygiene monitoring to suit your brewery
  • Discover what is a biofilm and what lies beneath


  • Alexander Jevons, Senior Microbiologist - Murphy and Son 
  • Dr. Keith Thomas, Director of Brewlab and founder - Darwin Brewery

Hosted by Robert Percival, GNS Section Chair - IBD