Study tour

Register Your Interest: Irish Study Tour from Cork to Dublin by the Southern Section

30 April 2024 – 3 May 2024

By the Southern Section

TUESDAY, 30 April 2024 – FRIDAY, 3 May 2024

Start: Murphys Cork Brewery

End: Dublin

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Ireland's rich brewing and distilling heritage!

We are collecting interest for an exclusive study tour in Ireland to experience the culture and processes of stout brewing, Irish Whiskey production, and the latest trends in craft brewing and distilling in Ireland.

The study tour will start in Cork and end in Dublin. Final schedule TBC:

  1. Murphys Cork Brewery
  2. Franciscan Well Cork
  3. Jamiesons Distillery
  4. Tullamore Dew
  5. Craft Breweries TBC
  6. Guinness Brewery Dublin
  7. Teelings Distillery Dublin

The Southern Section will be providing:

  • Coach to all breweries and distilleries (day 2 and 3) - Please note that attendees will have to arrange their own transfer to and from the airport.
  • Brewery and distillery tours
  • Recommendations of hotels for the attendees to book for themselves (Approx. £150 per night)
  • Dinners, drinks samples and networking with IBD members and hosts

The deposit to secure your place on the tour will be £200. ***Please note that we are only collecting interest for the study tour at the moment, so no payments will be taken until registrations open.***


Financial support for Apprentices and Members taking the IBD exams:

If you are an Apprentice or a Member taking the IBD exams, the Southern Section maybe be able to support you financially to attend this study tour. Please indicate if you require financial support when you register your interest.

Please let us know of your interest by January 12th as we will have a limited capacity for the trip, and will request confirmation and deposits by January 26th 2024.

For any further questions, please contact Steve Wilkinson (Secretary of the Southern Section) at