Sustainable Innovation in the Drinks Industry

THURSDAY, 28th April 2022 - 16:00 -  BST

By the International Section

THURSDAY, 28th April 2022

Join this free webinar to learn about the vital importance of finding ways to deploy sustainable innovation in the drinks industry.  

Innovation is vital for a company’s survival and growth. Firms that don’t innovate fall behind their competitors and ultimately go out of business. However, traditional forms of innovation may result in profitable products, services, and processes – but also harm employees or over-exploit natural resources.

What is Sustainable Innovation?

Sustainable innovation involves making intentional changes to a company’s products, services, or processes to generate long-term social and environmental benefits while creating economic profits for the company.

Why Innovate Sustainably?

Sustainable companies attract talented employees and bring in better people. In a recent Deloitte survey of millennials and Gen Zs, 49% said that their personal ethics have played a role in their career choices.

Companies that consider stakeholders produce more and more impactful patents and sustainability orientation leads to more and better innovation. Firms involved in sustainable innovation think more broadly and learn from different perspectives.


  • Michaela Appelbee-MiedlIBD International Section Chair & Innovation and Technology Director Europe - Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Steffen Müench - Head of R&D and Application - EverGrain Ingredients
  • David Thompson - Director and Co-Founder - Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery 
  • Tom MellorDirector and Co-Founder - Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery 
  • Jamie Robertson - Brewer and Lab Manager - Brygghuset Finn
David Thompson & Tom Mellor of Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery
David Thompson & Tom Mellor of Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery


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Introduction to Sustainable Innovation

Michaela Appelbee-Miedl

Innovation and Technology Director Europe, AB-InBev and IBD International Section Chair

The story of EverGrain - Realizing the Potential of Brewers Spent Grains

Steffen Müench

Head of R&D and Application, EverGrain Ingredients, Belgium

Respecting Tradition but Doing It our Own Way – The Story of the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery.

David Thompson & Tom Mellor

Directors and Co-Founders Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Ltd, Hunmnaby North Yorkshire, UK

Invitation to the Masterclass Local in Sweden

“Sustainable Innovation in Brewing and Distilling in Scandinavia”. 20 - 21st June 2022

Jamie Robertson

Brewer and Lab Manager at Brygghuset Finn