The IBD in Valdivia

Ricardo Solis, our Learning Partner for Iberoamerica, continues to introduce the IBD in Spanish-speaking countries. On this occasion, almost 150 brewers in Valdivia attended "The IBD Day" held on Saturday, 2nd December 2023.

The IBD in Valdivia

The IBD successfully concluded their 3rd IBD Day in Iberoamerica, this time in the beautiful city of Valdivia, also known as the Brewing Capital of Chile! The Southern Zone of Chile is an area characterised by its great brewing heritage and with around 160 breweries currently active.

On this valuable day of fellowship and sharing brewing knowledge, the GCB Certificates in Spanish candidates gave insight into how the GCB has helped them in their careers to future candidates and those interested in taking the certification.

The event took place in 2 locations; Cerveceria Kunstmann where we carried out the "Kunstmann Experience" which consisted of a visit to the hop farm and the brewery itself, along with a beer tasting and some delicious "Crudos Valdivianos". The second part of the day took place at the San Sebastian University where the participants took part in 7 interesting talks: Safety in the Brewery, Innovation in Yeast, Marketing, Sustainability and a workshop on Can Sealing.

With this event, the IBD continues to consolidate its presence in Central America and throughout the Spanish-speaking area.

Thank you to out sponsors for making this event possible: GECORP Brewing Solutions, Wild Goose Filling, Maltexco S.A, Petainer, Navarro y Cia SPA, MCPack Equipamentos and AB Biotek.

The next IBD Days are planned to take place in Guatemala and Mexico in 2024.


Ricardo Solis

IBD Learning Partner for Iberoamerica

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