International Women's Day 2024

Georgina Young, Brewing Director at St Austell Family Group

Que. What interested you in a career in the brewing and distilling industry?

Georgina: I developed a love of beer whilst at university studying Biotechnology, and the connection appear obvious so I went to study for a MSc in brewing & Distilling at Heriot Watt 

Que. What were some of challenges you faced initially and how have things changed?

Georgina: The physicality; lifting malt sacks, digging out mash tuns, the hop back and so forth; you have to develop ways that work for you. Gain experience and knowledge in as many areas of the brewery as possible as that is power and enables you to move upwards to be more influential and make change happen 

Que: How has the IBD and the general community supported you in your journey?

Georgina: The meetings are great sources of information and places to meet people to share knowledge and learn along with the JIB, BDI magazine and the online platform. I completed my Master Brewer programs to support my learning after returning to the industry. I had some time out of the industry when my family was young. 

Que: Tell us about a moment which you felt was significant for you in your career?

Georgina: Switching breweries is always a big change but having knowledge and experience gives you confidence to overcome challenges and change  

Que: What would you say to a young woman looking to start a career in the drinks industry?

Georgina: It’s a wonderful industry to be in; there are a huge variety of roles and disciplines but everyone is friendly that and it is so satisfying to make beers that people enjoy, appreciate and savour