New Beer Recipe Development Course Created by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling is Available Now

The IBD has launched its on-demand course aimed at brewers on a path of continuing professional development and those who just want to become better brewers!

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD), the most widely recognised learning provider of technical education in the brewing industry worldwide, has launched its first technical self-assessed and on-demand short course - Beer Recipe Development.

The course provides essential knowledge for recipe development for experienced commercial brewers with a sound understanding of the basics of brewing, and it will also benefit more serious home brewers.


Example of the Beer Recipe Development Course's learning material illustration 

The course includes expert advice and guidance from brewers who have developed some of the world’s most iconic beer brands:

 Jean-Marie Rock – Former Brewmaster, Brasserie Orval

 James Conery – Manager of Innovation Sierra Nevada Brewing

• Georgina Young – Brewing Director, St Austell Brewing Group

 Charles Nouwen – Beer and Brewing Consultant and former Global Head of Beer  Passion,       Ab InBev

 Professor Charles Bamforth - Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of California

 John Keeling – Former Brewing Director, Fuller’s Brewery

The course features text, videos, and animations, along with quizzes and games that give brewers the opportunity to check their understanding of each section and extend their learning.

The progress is assessed as the course proceeds and learners receive a Certificate of
Completion at the end. There is also a downloadable PDF with technical information and
important recipe calculations and equations.

“Short courses are an excellent way to increase your knowledge on a specific topic. A quick Google search will uncover short courses on almost any topic you can think of which illustrates how convenient they are. Our first short course is the one we have had the most requests for over the years, beer recipe development. It is available on-demand and is based on established science and best practice so if you want to master recipe development, we have the course for you!”, said Tracy Adie, IBD Head of Education and Professional Development.

“This short technical course shows our ambition to educate industry professionals at all levels with more interactive and flexible content responding to businesses requirements and the way new generations are learning. We are also following our charitable mission to provide an exceptional course at an affordable price, in this case just £90, to ensure that anyone in the industry who would need it, can take it. Our courses prove also our commitment to work toward creating the continuing professional development content to better serve the industry”, said Douglas Murray, IBD Interim Chief Executive Officer.