New Qualification in Spanish

New IBD General Certificate in Distilling in Spanish

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling launches a new interactive online technical course for Hispanic-American distilling professionals.

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD), the pioneering educational charity that provides the most recognised brewing and distilling certifications in the world, has launched a new General Certificate in Distilling in Spanish. With this, the IBD has shown its commitment to train, support and technically educate Spanish-speaking distilling professionals so that they can achieve the necessary knowledge and be able to consistently produce quality products.

The new General Certificate in Distilling is a self-directed, interactive online course of recommended 60-80 hours of study aimed at distilling professionals who are already working in production but do not have a sufficient technical foundation to advance their career. The learning materials as well as the examination itself will be entirely in Spanish.

This General Certificate programme covers the basic knowledge required to be a senior operator or team leader in a large production plant or for professionals in smaller distilleries.

The General Certificate in Distilling is offered online and covers the entire distilling process. By the end of the programme, the candidates will gain a good grounding in the science and technology of distillation and develop your knowledge of distilling best practice.

The culmination of this General Certificate in Distilling is the exam with multiple choice questions that the IBD organises twice a year, in March and October. Thousands of distillers from all over the world prepare every year for the certificate that helps them to open new professional doors or new opportunities in their company.

Since 2020, the IBD has been running its General Certificate exams online and proctored, which makes the examination process easier for professionals and their distilleries.

"IBD believes passionately in supporting our global community of professionals in advancing their performances and skills, and I am very pleased that we can now offer the IBD General Certificate in Distilling in Spanish.

Our qualification is one-of-a-kind in the industry and covers all key aspects of the distilling process, from raw material processing to maturation, quality control and more. We believe that this qualification, with its training in the science, technology, best practice of distilling and other areas vital to successful distilling operations, will support you in standing out in the industry." says Tom Shelston, Chief Executive Officer of the IBD.

"I have been following the IBD for years and it has helped me enormously in my career as a professional. That's why I decided to join the IBD. It is an honour for me to be able to help Spanish-speaking brewers and distillers to train methodically, differentiate themselves through their technical training and achieve consistent quality products," says Ricardo Solis, IBD Learning Partner for Ibero-America.


Please find the Spanish version of the Press Release here.