The Institute of Brewing & Distilling launches Essentials in Brewing Course

Our first educational programme designed by the IBD for professionals working in supporting areas of a brewery, in a bar or restaurant or anyone who has a passion for beer.

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling launches Essentials in Brewing Course

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) has launched Essentials in Brewing. This is the first self-assessed online IBD course that features interactive multimedia learning tools.

Essentials in Brewing is a dynamic and flexible way for professionals in the brewing industry in supporting roles like sales or marketing, to learn about the basics of beer and the brewing process. It is also perfect for hospitality professionals and uninitiated beer lovers.

With this new course, which complements Foundation, General Certificate, Diploma, and Master Brewer qualifications, the IBD is reinforcing its learning offering at all levels. Industry professionals will acquire an understanding of the principles of brewing and what their production peers do which could improve communication within the business. This course will also help hospitality professionals and beer lovers achieve a solid understanding of beer to share with customers or simply enjoy it on a deeper level.

The course provides an enlightening overview of the brewing process from the history of brewing and raw materials through fermentation and maturation to the basics of packaging in an engaging way. Interactive features include videos and animations of the beer production process as well as interviews with brewers and other industry professionals.

The understanding of the learning material is self-assessed in each unit. At the end of the course, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion from the IBD, whose certified qualifications are the most widely recognised in the global brewing industry.

Essentials in Brewing comes at an affordable price of £99.

“We are delighted to launch Essentials in Brewing. We have worked hard to make sure the essential steps of the brewing process are explained simply, by using lots of exciting new features to create an enjoyable learning experience. Our goal was to offer education for those who want to know more, but aren't working in technical or operational roles and therefore don’t need as much scientific detail, "said Tracy Adie, IBD Head of Education and Professional Development

“The making of Essentials in Brewing is one of the great milestones that the IBD has achieved. For the first time, we are offering an on-demand self-assessed course. The uniqueness of this course is its interactive and multimedia format and the quality of the content produced. We are also following our charitable mission to provide an exceptional course at an affordable price to ensure that anyone in the industry who would like to take it, can do it. This is also an example of our ambition to educate industry professionals at all levels with more interactive and flexible content responding to the way new generations are learning”, said Jerry Avis, IBD Chief Executive Officer.

Essentials in Brewing Course

For more information about Essentials in Brewing, please get in touch with:
Ana Bonilla, IBD Mark&Comm Manager

About the IBD

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling was originally established as The Laboratory Club in 1886. From inception, its mission has been to provide excellence in technical education for professional brewers and distillers and associated suppliers in their pursuit of perfection.
With Qualifications globally recognised at 4 levels of expertise, the IBD caters for all types of professionals with a passion for brewing and distilling.

Over 100,000 industry professionals have received their technical education with us. The IBD is a global institution with more than 3,000 members across 90 countries. Every year, around 4,000 professionals take our qualifications providing transformational outcomes both for individuals and their businesses.

Megan Sheehy Becomes Interim Deputy President on the IBD Board

22 March 2022

Based in Adelaide, Megan has over 20 years of experience in the barley, malting and brewing industries, having worked with Joe White Maltings, Lion, and most recently Barley Australia, prior to joining Grains Australia Limited as General Manager Classification in February 2022.