The IBD Welcomes Two New Fellows

12 July 2023

Steve Price, IBD Trustee and member of the Midlands Section, and Jon Meneses, 37th Asia Pacific Convention Chair and member of the APAC Section have become new fellows of the Institute. The IBD fellowship recognises the extra mile done by some of our members, not just within the IBD but also in the drinks industry. Jon and Steve have contributed significantly with their talent, passion and encouragement to others to succeed too.

The IBD at Inn Brew: The Brewers Convention in Barcelona

28 June 2023

Our Learning Partner for Ibero-America, Ricardo Solis, hosted an IBD stand at the third edition of InnBrew: The Brewers Convention in Barcelona, one of the most specialised and innovative annual brewing industry events in Spain.

Beer Sensory Analysis or Tasting Beer?

23 May 2023

Sensory analysis is one of the aspects of brewing that many may think is not part of a brewer’s role, but something the lab does for us. Even if this is the case for you, you need a practical understanding of the process to be confident that what the lab is telling you is what you need to know.

The IBD at the ICBR (Independent Craft Brewers Roundtable) in Greece

23 May 2023

Dr Suzanna Drew (IBD training specialist) represented the IBD at the 4th ICBR (Independent Craft Brewers Roundtable) hosted by the Macedonian Thrace Brewery (ΖΥΘΟΠΟΙΙΑ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑΣ ΘΡΑΚΗΣ Α.Ε.) in Komotini, Northern Greece. The event was attended by brewer, supplier, university and taproom representatives from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Albania.

A New Era for the JIB

26 April 2023

The Journal of the Institute of Brewing (JIB) is now exclusively published online in its new digital format at its new website – All papers are now available ‘open access’ without any fees for the authors or readers with full and free access to all published papers in ‘early view’.

Celebrating Women at the IBD, an equal, diverse and inclusive organisation

22 March 2023

We are dedicating March this year to celebrate the role of women at the IBD and by extension, in the drinks industry. We are introducing some of our talented female colleagues in the IBD team whose stellar work makes the IBD. Suzanna Drew, Training Specialist at the Education & Professional Team; Alice Kim, Digital Marketing Executive; and Chloe Falodun, Examination Officer, explain briefly their roles at the IBD and their impact on the industry.

How the Drinks Industry Has Achieved Success Through #EmbracingEquity

08 March 2023

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a great occasion to stop and reflect, and together celebrate the progress we have made in the world, and in our industry. It is a continuous source of pride for me to see women play more prominent and transformative roles in society, especially in science and leadership.