A Charter for the Future of Brewing and Distilling

The IBD has been given permission to petition for chartership. If finally we are accredited, this chartership will help us support lifelong career development in our industry and make the IBD the global home for brewers, distillers and allied professionals for them to be recognised and respected across the board.  

A Charter for the Future of Brewing and Distilling

The IBD has a fantastic and well-documented past which includes bringing together the practice base of the Guild, the quest for scientific knowledge of the Institute and a combination of both from the distillers. I hope that now we have been given permission to petition for chartership, this journey will continue with further emphasis on supporting lifelong career development in our industry and on making the IBD the global home for brewers, distillers and allied professionals.  

Further information is included in the May edition of the BDI with key points shown below:

What we do in the brewing and distilling industry is right and relevant.

With the revitalisation of the craft through a resurgence of small independent companies and the drive of technology and innovation, the industry has not needed a trusted central body of excellence more since we started out in 1886. We can use chartership to re-establish the brand on the very foundation from which it was originally built. In doing so we will seek to support the following needs:


Our industry continues to evolve with emergent entrepreneurialism, innovation and globalisation driving up the technical and practical knowledge requirements across categories and countries. But, globally the industry lacks a consistently recognised and respected professional title.

Recognition of like-minded FELLOWSHIP, UNITED by the passion for BETTERMENT

Globalisation has revealed the shared values amongst Distillers and Brewers the world over; inspiration and innovation are crossing categories and counties like never before. But Brewing and Distilling lack a single global home for like-minded professionals looking to share knowledge and opportunity. There will be a welcome for brewers, distillers and allied professionals who have qualified through a multitude of routes whether by certificate, diploma or degree, from the IBD, a university or an academy.

A Charter for the FUTURE of Brewing and Distilling

Chartership has been respected the world over for over 800 hundred years, steeped in history, tradition and ceremony. But, it can often look backwards at history and stumble into stagnation, losing relevance, accessibility and impetus. We seek a Charter that recognises the FUTURE of our industry and supports those committed to being the best they can be in their pursuit of perfection.

Our hope for the future

Should we be successful in our petition, there will be many benefits to individuals, the industry and the Institute. Above all, Chartership will be an inclusive endeavour that will seek to recognise the professional standing and pursuit of perfection of those engaged in brewing, distilling and allied industries worldwide.

There will be a vote on Chartership for members at an Extraordinary General Meeting on June 14th and further details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Jerry Avis

IBD Chief Executive Officer

IBD at the The International Brewing & Cider Awards 2024

07 May 2024

Thirteen brewers and cidermakers from four different continents across the globe have been awarded the highest recognition for their outstanding beers and ciders at the world’s most historic international beer and cider competition – The International Brewing & Cider Awards.