International Learning Trip

European Brewery Study Tour


By the Southern Section

Calling IBD Southern Section members!

You are invited to take part in a European Brewery Study Tour. 

Take part in this fantastic practical learning experience to share experience and knowledge with your European brewers, while relaxing, socialising, mentoring and coaching in an international environment. 

The itinerary is still to be decided based on your preferences:

  1. Belgium, visiting Bruges, Brussels and Leuven to learn about Trappist and Lambic beers
  2. Germany, Munich-based trip to discover the Bavarian beers, Rheinheitsgabot and Weiss beers
  3. The Czech Republic, with Prague as a base to explore Bohemian beers Plzen, Budwei...

The trip will include visits to breweries, trade visits, and networking with other members and hosts. 

Why you should attend:

  • Understand the process and define differences across breweries
  • Appreciate different products and the intrinsic brand differences between beers and what defines different styles
  • Discover the historical significance of the development of beers and breweries
  • Understand engineering and packaging process differences across breweries

Please fill out this short form to help us decide the destination and best time to organise this learning and networking trip.