IBD Masterclass Speaker

Fredric Ek - Co-Founder, Brekeriet

Fredrik is one of three Ek brothers raised in Landskrona, who together founded, own and operate the Swedish craft brewery Brekeriet. Fredrik will tell the story about how they developed Brekeriet to become one of the most well renowned mixed fermentation craft breweries in the world.”

With different backgrounds in business and food engineering, we decided to team up and start a beer import firm in the spring of 2010.

Our future goal was set from the start – to start a brewery of our own, and the dream came true in 2012 when our first batch was brewed in Djurslöv, a village outside of Malmö. In 2015 we needed to expand the brewery and later on the same year, we brewed our first 2000L batch with brand new brewing equipment in our current facilities in Landskrona.

Our niche is, as one of few breweries in Scandinavia, to ferment our beers with nothing but wild yeast and bacteria. To further enhance the taste experience, we also secondary ferment many of our beers with berries, fruit or whatever we find interesting to try.

In the spring of 2020, we also started to produce kimchi under the brand Brekeriet Flora. Since Kimchi is fermented with lactic acid bacteria it follows the same path as all Brekeriet products – with the microorganisms in focus.

We also distill our wild fermented beers under the brand Brekeriet Distillery. The ”wild” flavours shine through in the spirits, giving it an extra dimension. Innovation and playfulness play a huge role even here, where only the sky is the limit.