Set for Success

Excel in the General Certificate Exam

Enhance your learning and prepare for the IBD General Certificate in Brewing or Distilling Qualifications to excel in your exam.

Set for Success is a series of three live online exam practice sessions of 3.5 hours each, specifically designed to assist candidates in reinforcing their learning and making the most from the final stages of preparation for their General Certificate exam.  

Get familiar with the multi-choice exam format and answer similar questions to the ones in the exam with international tutors and peers in an interactive way. You will be supported by experienced tutors who will share their knowledge and provide you with great tips to remember key information.

All sessions are recorded, so you can review the answers as many times as you need to. 

The programme format is similar to a webinar. A tutor will work through several multiple-choice questions and the candidates will respond using a voting app on a web page via their phones / tablets / laptops.

Set for Success Benefits:

  1. Maximise your preparation for the General Certificate Exam
  2. Gain an edge to excel in the exam, clarify burning questions and get the best tips from experts
  3. Reinforce your learning at your own pace with access to all the recorded tutoring sessions
  4. Expand your knowledge and network with international tutors and candidates
  5. Learn from the comfort of your home

What Previous Candidates Are Saying?

“I wasn't ready for the type of questions that would be asked in the exam. It is very useful that this was covered in the course”.
Sébastien Ramelet
Brasserie du Singe
“It was great to have additional questions to answer. It was also motivating to compare my grasp on the material with other students".
Jerome Arsenault
Brewer at Four Rivers Brewing Company
“The question format was similar to the exam which got your mind into the process. It showed areas where some additional study was required".
Mike Webb
Enthusiastic Brewer

What You Get:

  • Three live sessions on Zoom, each of 3.5 hours split over three weeks
  • Full coverage of the General Certificate syllabus
  • A tried and tested format based on doing many multiple-choice questions of similar standard to the real exam
  • Individual anonymous voting online using a smartphone (or similar) with group results shown instantly
  • Tutor explanation of common errors, answers to questions with plenty of great tips for remembering facts

Why Choose the IBD?

The IBD provides the most widely recognised professional beverage qualifications in the world. We’ve been around since 1886 and have built a reputation for trust in the industry due to the quality of our learning material, support for learners and rigour of our exams.

Since we began professional qualifications in the 1950s, we have qualified over 100,000 brewers and distillers across the globe.